Dad losing interest in his hobbies? What might really be happening

As your mother and father continue to age, are you finding that one of them is starting to lose interest in hobbies they always loved? Apathy might not be the problem.  And do not be so quick to blame the temperament of someone with old age. A recent study out […]

Grandpa losing interest in activities he once loved? Do not jump to conclusions - there might be more going on that you realize.

Alzheimer’s: The Toll On Women

Pink is a great color.  We run marathons wearing it.  College and professional athletes wear it.  It serves to remind us well the toll that breast cancer impacts women. Did you know there is a disease that inflicts twice as many women as breast cancer?  According to the Alzheimer’s Association […]

Alzheimers Purple Ribbon

Eldery Couples With Healthy Husbands Have Less Fights

Husband’s Health Crucial to Happy Marriages for Seniors

Health, it does a marriage good. Well, a husband’s health.  And if the couple has been married for at least 39 years. According to a study out in the Journal of Marriage and Family, researchers found that the healthier and more positive the husband was, the less likely there was […]

Alzheimer's Support in Idaho

Alzheimer’s in East Idaho: A Slight Breakthrough?

With Alzheimer’s Disease being the sixth leading cause of death (1) in the United States – with the statistics only getting worse, any signs of a breakthrough are a great thing. This week, a team from Georgetown University may have done just that. The team have found a blood test […]

Find a Caregiver Today

Ready to provide your loved one or yourself with the best care possible while staying home? We will work with you to find a fantastic match from our trained and screened team members to provide that care. Tell us a little about your situation so we can start the process. […]

Best Assisted Living in Rexburg

Valley Help At Home will take you to The Eastern Idaho Family History Conference for free

Our Deals For March 2014

This March, Valley Help At Home: Assisted Living At Home is offering two deals for you to choose from. The Eastern Idaho Family History Conference Going from 9 until almost 5, Valley Help At Home will provide you or a loved one with a ticket, provide transportation to the conference […]

Chocolate: Increasing brain speed in seniors never tasted so good

This was too fun not to share.  Well, these two things. First, turns out that eating dark chocolate may actually help seniors increase how quickly their brain processes things.  Mind you, the study was sponsored by Mars, the company responsible for giving us M&M’s and Snickers bars.  Nevertheless, it worked. […]

Elderly Hot Chocolate Improve Health