Chocolate: Increasing brain speed in seniors never tasted so good

This was too fun not to share.  Well, these two things.

First, turns out that eating dark chocolate may actually help seniors increase how quickly their brain processes things.  Mind you, the study was sponsored by Mars, the company responsible for giving us M&M’s and Snickers bars.  Nevertheless, it worked.

Elderly Hot Chocolate Improve Health

A little bit of chocolate may make your brain go a long way.

The study, published in August 2012’s American Heart Association’s journal, Hypertension, followed 90 seniors with mild cognitive impairment broken into three groups. Each group was given a certain amount of hot cocoa to drink.  The group that drank the most hot cocoa actually  saw “significantly higher overall cognitive scores.”

Now the only question left is, which chocolate to choose?

Fortunately, last November, Cook’s Illustrated published which chocolate they recommend to use when cooking.

And that can be found by clicking here: Cook’s Illustrated Dark Chocolate Taste

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