How Are We Different From Home Health

Often we are asked how we are different from home health.

While our team specializes in providing care to those receiving care from home health and hospice, we provide different services than home health and hospice agencies.

Valley Help at Home is a non-medical home care company. In times when medical help is needed, Valley Help at Home works alongside home health and hospice agencies to provide the additional support and care that an individual or couple may need with those daily tasks that make a house a home.

The best way to answer this question is to look at some examples of when we can help.

Assisted Living at Home In Rexburg and Idaho Falls. Let us help you stay home.A senior or loved one simply needs some help around the house
Not everyone who receives help at home needs a qualified medical professional.  They may simply need some light cleaning, or someone to cook for them.  Or they may need help with going to the bathroom or eating.  These are the types of services that Valley Help at Home provides

No medical help is needed after a hospital or facility stay
Often, when someone is discharged from the hospital or an assisted living facility, they do not need (and in some cases qualify for) medical assistance, be that from a RN or a physical therapist.  However, they may need a little help in other aspects of their life.  Again, these are the types of services that Valley Help at Home provides.

For those receiving home health, but need a little extra help
In other occasions, medical professionals come into the home and provide home health, but are are limited in the amount of service they can provide.  That may be because of hours or the type of services that the individual needs.  In these situations, we work in tandem with the individual, family, case manager, and home health agency to make sure we minimize duplication of efforts while those receiving care get the care they need with a high level of compassion.

A senior or loved one needs companionship during the day while others work – or through the night
One of the services that Valley Help at Home Care offers is 24/7 companionship and care as needed.  This allows us to be with your loved one while others are at work or through the night so you can know they are safe and cared for.

For more information, fill out your information below and we will be in touch with you.  You can also call us at 208-557-4215.

Allow your loved one to stay home knowing they are safe and cared for by Valley Help at Home

Allow your loved one to stay home knowing they are safe and cared for.

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